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An IoT powered project that narrowed the connection between BBDO Paris and their clients. Literally.

That’s a project created in the Creative Lab of the agency, where we put together creative teams and coders to come up with prototype ideas that could be used to our clients.

Every end of the year, agencies send Greeting Cards to their clients, which are often ignored amidst tons of other cards. We wanted to grab our clients’ attention and do something different. We sent a greeting card with a "trick" - which when opened threw confetti on the person who opened it, together with the message "We wish you a new year full of surprises".

But we gave our clients the chance to take revenge on us. We built cannons that could throw confettis and placed them in 7 locations around the agency (creative department, client service, production, corridors, and even in the CEO's office). We installed cameras next to the cannons with a live broadcast to a website.The client got a link to this website where they could see the agency in real time and activate the cannons pressing a button. The activation happened during a week, and it was the first time that all clients from ProximityBBDO Paris responded to a  Greeting Card.



Creative Direction


Production supervision

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