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An app that rewarded responsible drivers and  helped victims of car accidents.

Intouch (RSA Group) is an insurance company that stands for responsible driving.

We created an app that rewards responsible drivers with points that were converted into donations to victims of car accidents in need.  Those who didn’t obey the speed limit or made other infractions got a “grey ticket” with a sum that they could voluntarily donate to redeem their “driving karma”


Golden Drum - Shortlist/Digital

Cristal Festival - Silver/Mobile

Cristal Festival - Silver/Digital

Cristal Festival - Bronze/Mobile

Cristal Festival - Bronze/Promo

Cristal Festival - Shortlist/Mobile

Cristal Festival  - Shortlist/Promo

Kiaf - Silver/Digital

Kiaf - Bronze/Digital

Red Apple - Bronze/Digital Advertising Campaigns

Red Apple - Shortlist/Digital Advertising Tools

Red Apple - Shortlist/Advertising Campaign

Red Apple - Shortlist/Social

Golden Hammer - Shortlist/Media


Creative Direction

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