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A 24/7 online experiment featuring a brand new car and a grand piano, aiming to convince skeptical drivers that accidents can happen to anyone, at anytime, caused by a number of factors.

Many drivers in Russia don’t make insurance because they believe nothing wrong will happen if they drive carefully. But they forget that accidents depend on external factors, like the weather and other drivers’ behaviors for instance.

To convince skeptical drivers that accidents are beyond our control, we created a 24/7 digital experiment called Car vs Piano. Inside a garage in Moscow, we placed a Grand Piano above a brand new car. The Piano was hanged by 9 ropes. Twice a day, random external factors would determine if we would cut one of the ropes or not. For instance, if the oil prices dropped that day, we would cut a rope. If not, it would remain intact. Another rope was supposed to be cut if the Chelsea won the Champions League game against Barcelona, that took place that day. During a week, we had totally random factors that would determine if the car would remain intact by the end of the experiment.


Cannes Lions / One Show / FWA / Art Directors Club / Eurobest / Epica / Caples / Golden Drum / AD STARS / Idea 

KIAF / Golden Hammer / Red Apple / MixxAwards / White Square



Cannes Lions - Bronze/Cyber

Cannes Lions - Shortlist/Promo

Epica - Bronze/Interactive

Eurobest - Shortlist/Interactive

ADC*E - Gold/Interactive

FWA - Shortlist/Interactive

One Show - Merit/Interactive (x3)

Golden Drum - Silver/Digital Campaign

Golden Drum - Shortlist/Digital

Golden Drum - Shortlist/Innovative Campaign

MixxAwards - Gold/Interactive

Caples Awards - Silver/Digital

Caples Awards - Shortlist/Digital

Red Apple - Gold/Internet Campaigns

Red Apple - Silver/Internet Campaigns

Red Apple - Shortlist/Promo

Red Apple - Shortlist/Media

Red Apple - Shortlist/Interactive Tools (x4)

ADCR - Silver/Interactive

Golden Hammer - Shortlist/Interactive

Golden Hammer - Shortlist/Media

KIAF - Gold/Interactive

Ad Stars - Crystal/Interactive

Ad Stars - Crystal/Media

Idea - Gold/Interactive

Idea - Silver/Interactive

Idea - Silver/Media

White Square - Gold/Interactive

White Square - Silver/Innovation

White Square - Bronze/Media



Intouch Insurance (RSA group) / 2012


Creative Direction


Art direction

Production supervision


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