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Skoda has an affordable car for youngsters called Fabia, which has the largest interior space in the category. To prove this, we turned a Skoda Fabia into a Hostel so people could stay and even sleep inside. We placed the Skoda Hostel in the middle of a park in Moscow and we have partnered with sites like When people were looking for a place to stay in Moscow during the period of the activation, the car unexpectedly appeared as the first option on the booking websites and people could book the “hostel”, with a free test drive around the city included.

Transforming a car into a Hostel to prove

it has the biggest interior in the category.


Top 5 Creativity Online

Cristal - Gold/Media

Cristal - Gold/Consumer Marketing

Red Apple -Bronze/Media (x3)

Red Apple - Shortlist/Innovation

Direct Hit - Bronze/Special Projects (x2)

Golden Hammer - Shortlist/Media

Golden Hammer - Shortlist/PR

Golden Drum -Shortlist/PR

White Square - Gold/Media



Creative Direction


Art direction

PR strategy

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