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There are so much research and technology behind each Gillette product

that is hard to believe we are talking about razors.

Gillette wanted to position their 3 main products - Mach3, Fusion ProGlide and Fusion ProGlide Power - as premium razors, to justify their higher prices compared to competitors that entered the market offering cheaper products.

Research showed that part of our audience considered razors as commodities without any added value. But they don’t know that behind every Gillette razor, there are more than 30.000 thousand tests and 35.000 hours of research. The technology used allow the blades to be thinner than a sheet of paper with steel made stronger after repeated crash tests. There are electronic components with intelligent microchips and atomic thin edges to guarantee great precision of movement and adherence even on wet surfaces. There are 3 springs per SKU protecting from water, pressure, and shock.

There are so many tests and technology that it looks like we are talking about a vehicle or an expensive durable good instead of a razor. And that was the inspiration for our campaign: We made 3 films talking about all the R&D behind each Gillette SKU, showing the razors from angles and plans that made them look like a car, a watch, and a motorcycle.

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