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An interactive music video launch on Youtube, where fans needed to give Snickers to hungry musicians that couldn't play their music.

Snickers wanted to launch the campaign "You are not you when you are hungry" in Russia. To build this idea in digital space, we collaborated with Russia’s most popular rock artist, Ilya Lagutenko, to produce the much anticipated new music video of his band. We then launched a campaign in the most popular social media platforms that drove millions of fans to watch the music video premiere on Youtube.

But when the fans arrived to watch the video, they discovered that the band was hungry. The musicians looked tired, playing monotonous chords with untuned instruments.  By dragging a Snickers that was placed on a banner and dropping into the Youtube window, fans could finally bring the band members back to their games and continue the music video premiere.

Soon after launch, we revealed hidden easter eggs via social media platforms, driving increased traffic from fans, and even more free media. All of which helped to created one the breakthrough digital projects in Russia.

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