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Discover how we outsmarted our competitors by hacking their advertising photo model and turning her into an asset for our client. 

Vitoria Apart Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Brazil.

Our competitor aired a billboard claiming to be the nearest hospital nearby.

But they made a mistake: The billboard was closer to our hospital than theirs.

Besides, they used a stock photo of a woman without exclusive usage rights.

So, we used our competitor’s mistakes in our favor: We bought the same photo and created our billboard, positioned beside our competitor's billboard.

We just flipped the photo, making the model point in the opposite direction: ”I made a mistake. The nearest hospital is that way. 500 meters.”


 Clio / New York Festivals / FIAP / AD STARS / Brazilian Creative Club

London International Awards / Central de Outdoor / Colibri 


Clio Health - Silver / OOH
London International Awards. - Bronze / OOH (2)
New York Festivals - Bronze / OOH
Brazilian Creative Club - Merit / OOH
Central de Outdoor - Gold / OOH
FIAP. - Silver / OOH

MADSTARS - Cristal /. OOH



Creative Direction


Art Direction

Production Supervision

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